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LP Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element, Low Pressure RO Membranes

This low-pressure RO element is specially designed for producing high quality water from tap or brackish water in small commercial RO systems. It features a low-pressure during operation, a high permeate flow and an outstanding rejection performance for removing solvable salts, TOC, SiO2, and more. It is also ideal for the preparation of exceptionally pure water for use in the electronics and power industries.
Use of these low energy membranes in commercial RO systems allows for a significantly reduced operation costs, and with an extensive RO membrane application range in reverse osmosis systems and water filtration systems around the world, VONTRON's RO membrane elements feature an outstanding reputation thanks to their high quality, excellent reliability and long service life. We are an excellent choice for reverse osmosis system core components.

Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane elements are traditionally used for treatment of brackish water, surface water, underground water, and municipal water with TDS readings of less than 10000 ppm. They are mainly used for the production of bottled water, drinking water, industrial use pure water, high purity water, and boiler replenishment water in different scale amounts, as well as applications in wastewater reuse, material concentration, purification and refining purposes.

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