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The FR series RO membrane elements are commonly used in ultrapure water production, seawater desalination, medical and food processing. However, the reverse osmosis membrane's performance in seawater desalination and purification systems is often significantly reduced due to fouling and contamination. To address this, a fouling resistant reverse osmosis membrane was developed using a special membrane sheet during the manufacturing process. This particular RO membrane type features an improved hydrophilicity, permeability and fouling resistance due to the use of a membrane surface modified technology. This surface modified technology effectively reduces the breeding of biofouling and adsorption of pollutants in the membrane surface. The RO element is designed with a special 34 mil spacer design, which effectively reduces fouling and pressure drops, greatly enhancing the membrane longevity.

The PURO series is an upgraded fouling resistant RO element. Based on the FR series, the polymerization of aromatic polyamides degree and the separation layer thickness are increased. A special 34 mil feeding channel design is also used, further improving the rejection rate, reducing pressure drops and enhancing the element firmness during cleaning.
The PURO-LE series is an energy-saving fouling resistant RO element. Under the same conditions, the operating pressure is reduced by more than 25% to save energy without sacrificing performance.

Fouling Resistant: PURO Series