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Ductile Iron Victaulic Type Coupling

DT-150-Iron-600-R – Ductile Iron, 1.5”, EPDM Gasket, 600 PSI
 – Ductile Iron, 2”, EPDM Gasket, 600 PSI  
 – Ductile Iron, 3”, EPDM Gasket, 600 PSI    

EWP-USA’s Victaulic type Ductile Iron coupling is a great economical and reliable choice. Made of high quality Ductile Iron and an EPDM gasket, this coupling is designed with a pressure responsive gasket to seal media, thus eliminating the potential for galvanic corrosion.  The ductile iron coupling can be used for applications that require medium pressure up to 600 PSI.

ductile iron couplings

Stainless Steel SST Victaulic Type Coupling

CP-075-304-P - 304 SST, .75", EPDM Gasket, 350 psi
CP-100-304-P - 304 SST, 1", EPDM Gasket, 350 psi
CP-125-304-P - 304 SST, 1.25", EPDM Gasket, 350 psi
CP-150-304-P - 304 SST, 1.5", EPDM Gasket, 350 psi
CP-200-304-P - 304 SST, 2", EPDM Gasket, 350 psi
CP-300-304-P - 304 SST, 3", EPDM Gasket, 350 psi

stainless steel couplings

NY-300-100 - NYLON, 1”, EPDM GASKET, 300 PSI
NY-300-125 - NYLON, 1.25”, EPDM GASKET, 300 PSI
NY-300-150 - NYLON, 1.5”, EPDM GASKET, 300 PSI
NY-300-200 - NYLON, 2”, EPDM GASKET, 300 PSI

NY-300-250 - NYLON, 2.5”, EPDM GASKET, 300 PSI
NY-300-300 - NYLON, 3”, EPDM GASKET, 300 PSI
NY-200-400 - NYLON, 4”, EPDM GASKET, 200 PSI

NY-200-500 - NYLON, 5”, EPDM GASKET, 200 PSI

NY-200-600 - NYLON, 6”, EPDM GASKET, 200 PSI

nylon couplings


EWP-USA’s Victaulic type SST coupling is a great economical and reliable choice. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel and an EPDM gasket, this flexible coupling is designed for low pressure applications up to 350 PSI.  

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Nylon Victaulic Type Coupling

EWP-USA's Victaulic type Nylon grooved flexible pipe coupling is a reliable alternative to stainless steel. Made of high quality Nylon plastic, this flexible coupling is extremely corrosion resistant and provides a cost-effective solution for piping connections in low pressure applications up to 300 PSI.​