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TFM64A - Manual Softener Valve, Top Mount, 1" In/Out, 1/2" Male Drain, 1.05" OD Riser, 2.5"-8NPSM Connection, 3/8" Male Brine Line, 8.8 GPM/12,667 GPD Water Capacity

2" Manual Softener Valve


EWP-USA's Manual Softener Valves are the economical substitute to automatic softener valves.   They utilize the latest ceramic technology in filtration and are made of corrosion-resistant plastic, offer excellent sealing, and a long service life.  The valves can be used for Household softening, RO pretreatment, swimming pool equipment, multi-media filters, and boiler water.


  • Ejection nozzle self cleans to prevent blockage
  • Feed water is automatically shut off during regeneration
  • Manual regeneration when needed
  • Can also be used as a filter valve
  • Operates under pressure and is leak-proof
  • Reasonable fluid design (Service>Fast Rinse>Backwash>Fast Rinse>Service)

TFM64D - Manual Softener Valve, Top Mount, 2" In/Out, 1" Male Drain, 1.5" OD Riser, 4"-8UN Connection, 1/2" Male Brine Line, 44 GPM/63,333 GPD Water Capacity

1" Manual Softener Valve


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