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Pressure Gauges


PG-100-S    0-100 PSI, SIDE (BOTTOM) MOUNT
PG-100-P    0-100 PSI, PANEL (BACK) MOUNT
PG-150-S    0-150 PSI, SIDE (BOTTOM) MOUNT
PG-150-P    0-150 PSI, PANEL (BACK) MOUNT
PG-200-S    0-200 PSI, SIDE (BOTTOM) MOUNT
PG-200-P    0-200 PSI, PANEL (BACK) MOUNT
PG-300-S    0-300 PSI, SIDE (BOTTOM) MOUNT
PG-300-P    0-300 PSI, PANEL (BACK) MOUNT

Panel-Mount Pressure Gauge, Side-Mount Pressure Gauge
EWP-USA RO Systems and Components

These mechanical pressure gauges are encased in 304 stainless steel and are oil filled to absorb and dampen vibrations, which allows for accurate readings even under the most intense pulsations.  Clear and easy to read dial with PSI and kg (BAR) readings make these pressure gauges perfect for OEM manufacturing. 
They don’t require a power source and are easy to install.

  • Panel (Back) & Side (Bottom) connections
  • Dual scales – PSI and BAR
  • Accuracy: +/- 2.5%
  • Temperature Range: -40° ~ 158° F
  • Oil filled to dampen shock and vibration