EWP-USA RO Systems and Components

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B - Lid with 316 SST Swing Bolts

HXP-BF-1-1-B  - 7"x17" Bag Filters
HXP-BF-1-2-B  - 7"x32" Bag Filters

A series

9 Round Multi-Cartridge Filter Housing

PVC bag filter Housings

9 Round Multi-Cartridge Filter Housing

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EWP-USA’s PVC bag filter housings provide economical filtration solutions with high quality, durability, and UV resistance. ​

  •  Max. Temperature: 113° F. 
  •  Max. Operating pressure: A-58 PSI B-102 PSI
  •  Two 1/4" NPT ports in top cover – one for pressure gauge (not included) and one for venting. 
  •  2" In/Out

B series

A - Lid with Closure Ring (nut) wrench included

HXP-BF-1-1-A  - 7"x17" Bag Filters

HXP-BF-1-2-A  - 7"x32" Bag Filters