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Wave Cyber DI tanks are well known in the filtration industry for their great quality and years of service.   EWP-USA is an exclusive distributor of Wave Cyber DI tanks.   The tanks are constructed of a high density polyethylene liner and are reinforced with a wound filament, the polyethylene liner is surface treated to ensure complete adhesion of the resin/glass mold. This layer provides a sturdy structure for protection when frequently moving the tanks.  The tanks come equipped with heavy duty rubber bases and rubber protection bumpers.   The rubber protection bumpers wrap over the dome and side wall seam, this provides superior dome protection during handling of the tanks.  The Wave Cyber DI tanks are a perfect choice for portable DI projects.

EWP-USA carries the 8x35 - 14x65 sized DI tanks and has access to the other sizes as well.  All DI tanks come in natural color only.

Wave Cyber DI Tank Drawings