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Water Filtration and Purification Equipment Supplier

Reverse Osmosis System Parts and Supplier

Commercial and Residential Wave Cyber DI & Pressure Tanks Supplier

Water Filtration Manufacturer Distributor Vendor Water Purification

Vontron RO Nanofiltration Ultrafiltration Membrane Distributor



 Return Policy

1.Special order items are not returnable.


2.RGA’s are valid for 30 days from date of issue. RGA’s received after the expiration date will not be honored.


3.All RGA items received will be inspected and/or tested. For items that are found to be in good working order, you will be notified, and the item will be returned at your expense, or other disposition as you choose.


4.Shipping instructions must be followed as indicated on this RGA.


5.The warranty period is one year from date of original shipment, subject to the limits of the original manufacturer’s warranty policy. EWP makes no other implied or express warranties.


6.Restocking - items in new, unused condition may be returned within 90 days of date of original shipment. Authorization is required and credit minus a 10% restocking fee will be issued after receipt and inspection.

Customized Solutions

EWP-USA is well-equipped to help you.  Our Sales, Sourcing, and Supplier partnerships enable us to 
serve you with your specific Supply Chain requirements.

Some of our services:​

  •    Container shipment consolidation from international suppliers.

  •    Logistics management to your facility or drop-ship to the destination you specify.

  •    Blind shipments.

  •    Special order parts.

  •    Chinese supplier negotiation

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