Hand Held TDS Meter

Hand Held TDS Meter


EWP-USA's hand held TDS meters are the digital substitute to standard TDS test kits.   They utilize the latest digital technology in water testing, are cheaper than than test kits over the long run, and are accurate.   The meters can be used for aquariums, swimming pools, the fishing industry, the food/beverage industry, and etc.


Each meter comes with a black carrying case (with belt clip), two batteries installed, and the manual.


TDS/Temp Meter, Hand Held, Blue, Power 2x 1.5v Button cell, 0-9990 ppm, Auto shut off 10min, 2.68oz, Accuracy: +- 2%, (includes battery and case)



  • ATC (automatic temperature compensation)
  • Hold function
  • Auto-off function
  • Highly efficient & accurate 
  • Pocket size